Best Non-Food Souvenirs to Bring Back from Singapore

Singapore’s vibrant culture offers a treasure trove of souvenirs beyond delicious treats. From iconic keepsakes to locally made crafts, here’s a guide to finding the perfect non-food memento of your Singaporean adventure, catering to different budgets. The Ever-Present Merlion The mythical Merlion, with its lion head and fish body, symbolises Singapore. Souvenir shops across the […]

New Bahru, Singapore’s Latest Lifestyle Destination

Singapore’s vibrant landscape gets a fresh injection of creativity with New Bahru, a one-of-a-kind lifestyle cluster housed within the walls of the historic Nan Chiau High School. Spearheaded by The Lo & Behold Group (the team behind Le Bon Funk, Odette and The Warehouse Hotel), this meticulously curated space isn’t just a collection of shops […]

Grab SGD100 Off Luxury Bags and Watches

Established in 2007, BJ Luxury is a trusted purveyor of luxury bags and accessories. BJ Luxury specialises in highly coveted brands such as Hermès and Chanel. With over a decade of resale experience and thousands of satisfied customers, BJ Luxury has become widely recognised for an unrivalled range of rare and sought-after products. BJ Luxury’s […]

Night At Orchard Bazaar is making a comeback this Good Friday

Night At Orchard Bazaar

The beloved bazaar, Night At Orchard, is making a comeback this Good Friday after a four-year break. Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) announced in a press release on March 21 that Night At Orchard will once again enliven the pedestrian walkways of Orchard Road, starting with a three-day event from 3pm to 10pm. This marks […]

Singapore Nights: Exploring the City’s Diverse Nightlife

Night Safari in Singapore

Singapore’s nightlife is a vibrant and diverse tapestry that comes alive after the sun sets. The city offers a plethora of options to suit every taste and mood, from bustling nightlife districts to serene waterfront spots. Whether you’re looking for rooftop bars with panoramic views, bustling night markets, live music venues, or late-night dining experiences, […]

Singapore Top Shopping Spots Recommendation

Major shipping Hub in Singapore

Singapore, known as a global shopping destination, offers an unparalleled shopping experience that caters to every budget and preference. From luxury boutiques in glitzy malls to bustling street markets filled with local treasures, Singapore has something for every shopper. In this article, we present a curated list of shopping recommendations that will help you navigate […]