Singapore’s vibrant landscape gets a fresh injection of creativity with New Bahru, a one-of-a-kind lifestyle cluster housed within the walls of the historic Nan Chiau High School. Spearheaded by The Lo & Behold Group (the team behind Le Bon Funk, Odette and The Warehouse Hotel), this meticulously curated space isn’t just a collection of shops – it’s a celebration of local Singaporean brands and a hub for innovation.

Although tenants are still moving in and setting up their new space, New Bahru opened its doors to the public for a Sneek Peek Weekend on June 22nd and 23rd. The first wave of dining and retail concepts introduced new menus, experiential workshops, and exclusive first drops. Visitors can continue to visit until its grand opening sometime in September!

Revitalizing a Legacy

Stepping into New Bahru is like stepping into a time capsule. The beautifully restored architecture—from the grand staircases to the airy classrooms—whispers stories of the school’s past. But look closer; you’ll find these spaces pulsating with new energy. Former classrooms now house trendy boutiques and buzzing restaurants, while the school halls echo with the sounds of live music and cultural events.

Here are some spots to check out, from food to retail to wellness establishments.

The Coconut Club

Their third outlet shines a spotlight on Singaporean flavours and refreshing cocktails. If you’re looking for a vibrant atmosphere, this spot is perfect. Try their exclusive dishes here – Signature Nasi Lemak with Quail Goreng Berempah, and Wagyu Beef Roti John. End the meal with delectable desserts and cocktails like Lemongrass Lychee Gin & Tonic and Coconut Club Mai Tai.

You’ll also find The Coconut Club and OM’s (by Ong Shunmugam) collaboration, including limited-edition shirts and gift sets with printed napkins and glassware.


Enjoy authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, and dine in Kotuwa by chef Rishi Naleendra. It finds a new home in New Bahru and introduces a full-fledged cocktail bar! The decor embodies the essence of Sri Lanka, with elements of stone, wood and bronze to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s great for your next date night or intimate birthday gatherings.
If you’re looking for something delicious, you can’t go wrong with dishes like Lamb Shank, Crab Curry, Lychee Achcharu, and Kottu Rotti. The cocktail menu is inspired by the 1996 Lion’s Cup, with unique concoctions like The Islander’s Gamble, with condigo mezcal artesanal, passionfruit and curry leaves, and Lion’s Roar, containing diplomatico reserva exclusiva, coffee, kithul and sri lankan spices.


A peaceful green sanctuary beckons at Soilboy, a haven for plant enthusiasts with a curated selection of botanical delights. Their unique potted plants are bound to add a touch of elegance to any home. You can also score their planters, each exclusively handmade in Korea. The White Ducku planter is such a cute addition to any table! Make sure to keep an eye on their social media as well. They sometimes host workshops.

Sea Apple Create Store

The Sea Apple Create Store offers a one-of-a-kind experience for parents and their youngsters. This vibrant space features playful and modern designs across various children’s apparel, books, and soft toys. This sustainable Singaporean brand isn’t just about creating clothes that look good; they also choose to work with sustainable fabrics like GOTS organic cotton and recycled fibres.

The store’s highlight is the in-store customisation zone named Sea Apple Create. Kids can unleash their creativity by personalising items like nametags and Jellycat plushies with the store’s unique patches and stickers. It’s the perfect place for a fun and interactive shopping trip that will leave your little ones with a unique, personalised souvenir.

The rest of New Bahru is still under development, keep an eye out for upcoming stores and exciting events. Alma House (hotel), Off Duly Pilates, Beyond The Vines Design House, and PPP Coffee are just some of the brands that will open their stores here in the coming months.

New Bahru isn’t just a collection of stores; it’s a place for the community to gather and connect. The Lawn, a nod to the traditional after-school staple ‘CCAs’ (Co-Curricular Activities), transforms into a vibrant space for live music performances and entertainment acts in the evenings. For families with young ones, the Outside Funside Playground boasts Singapore’s tallest outdoor communal slide, a great way to keep the little ones entertained!

Whether you’re a local resident seeking a new hangout spot or a traveller looking for an authentic Singaporean experience, New Bahru offers something for everyone. It’s a place to indulge your senses, discover local talents, and connect with Singapore’s vibrant creative spirit. So, mark New Bahru on your itinerary and get ready to be surprised and delighted by this unique lifestyle destination.

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