Singapore, a dynamic city-state in Southeast Asia, seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. It’s a place where sleek skyscrapers coexist with vibrant street markets. Known for its safety and cleanliness, Singapore offers a plethora of attractions, from the iconic Marina Bay Sands and lush Gardens by the Bay to the cultural riches of Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam.

One of Singapore’s biggest draws is its diverse culinary scene, featuring everything from humble hawker stalls serving local delights like Hainanese chicken rice to world-class dining at Michelin-starred restaurants. Foodies can’t miss trying the city’s signature dishes like chilli crab and laksa.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate Singapore’s green spaces, including the UNESCO-listed Botanic Gardens. With an efficient public transportation system and a reputation for safety, Singapore ensures a worry-free and unforgettable travel experience. This captivating city- state invites you to explore its multifaceted charm and create lasting memories.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Embark on an unforgettable adventure at Universal Studios Singapore, a dream destination for every traveller. Your experience begins effortlessly. Immerse yourself in a world of cinematic magic and thrilling rides inspired by your favourite movies.

Start with the adrenaline-pumping roller coasters of Hollywood, then explore the fantastical landscapes of Far Far Away. Dive into the underwater realm of the Lost World, and traverse ancient Egypt’s mysteries.

Don’t miss the sci-fi thrills of Sci-Fi City and the enchanting fairy tales of Madagascar. With delectable dining and vibrant entertainment, Universal Studios Singapore promises a day of non-stop excitement and memories.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Visit Singapore’s premier horticultural attraction where your ticket includes entrance to the 2 main conservatories, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome was awarded the Guinness World Record as the World’s Largest Glass Greenhouse in 2015 and is home to plants and flowers from 5 continents.

Cloud Forest is home to rare orchids and other fascinating plant varieties. You can also find one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls and a lush 35 metre tall mountain clad with plants from around the world. Get up close to some of the world’s exotic plant species as you stroll along its aerial walkways.

River Wonders

Red Panda in Singapore

River Wonders is Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park.

Nestled between the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, the River Wonders is both a river-themed zoo and aquarium. Singapore’s newest wildlife park has over 6,000 animals, including 40 threatened species, with zones that replicate the habitats of rivers across the world, such as the River Nile, Congo Basin, Amazon Basin, Mekong River, Yangtze River and others.

River Wonders is home to one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater vertebrates, with over 11,000 animal specimens representing close to 260 species as well as 400 plant species. Every river has a fascinating story to tell and at the Once Upon a River you get to hear some of these amazing stories.

Night Safari

Night Safari in Singapore

The Night Safari in Singapore is a captivating nighttime wildlife adventure that allows you to explore the animal kingdom after dark. Unlike traditional zoos, it is specifically designed to showcase the behavior and activities of nocturnal creatures.

With over 2,500 animals representing approximately 130 species, including various types of big cats, tapirs, pangolins, and more, the Night Safari offers a unique and immersive experience. Visitors can take a guided tram ride through the park, which is divided into different geographical zones representing various regions of the world, each with its own set of fascinating animals.

The Night Safari is not only an educational and thrilling adventure but also a great way to appreciate the mysteries of the animal kingdom under the cover of darkness. It’s a must-visit attraction for nature enthusiasts and families alike when in Singapore.

Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise in Singapore

Bird Paradise is a brand new state of the art bird park featuring eight walkthrough aviaries. The environment is designed to mimic different ecologies to have a best experience not only to visitors but also to birds.

Feast your eyes on some of the world’s most brilliantly coloured birds, amongst wetland vegetation and crimson blooms.

Immerse in a symphony of colours at Asia’s largest bird park. Experience over 3500 birds across 8 aviaries with dining and fun. Dive with the best-loved flightless birds for an immersive experience amidst an underwater kelp forest and emerge onto the rocky beach to feast your eyes on waddling penguins.
The park participates in over 75 globally managed breeding programmes to help sustain the population of threatened species in human care, with several species directly linked to regional field conservation projects.

S.E.A Aquarium

S.E.A. Aquarium Sentosa Island in Singapore

The S.E.A. Aquarium, located on Sentosa Island in Singapore, is a captivating marine wonderland. It houses over 100,000 marine animals from 1,000+ species, including sharks, manta rays, and vibrant coral reefs.

This sprawling aquarium is thoughtfully divided into distinct zones, each replicating a unique marine habitat. Notably, the Open Ocean habitat boasts a colossal acrylic viewing panel that plunges visitors into the heart of the deep sea, where they can marvel at the majesty of enormous sharks and rays. Complementing the experience is the Maritime Experiential Museum, which delves into the rich maritime history of the region.

Educational exhibits and interactive displays emphasize marine conservation, and guests can attend feeding sessions and engage with

Among its star attractions are magnificent sharks, graceful manta rays, vibrant coral reefs, and an array of captivating sea creatures.

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