Customized for Singapore Cable Car (SCC), chrome-finished spherical cable car cabins will transport passengers between Mount Faber and Sentosa Island.

These futuristic cabins, named SkyOrb, boast glass-bottomed floors, representing another groundbreaking innovation for the company as it commemorates its 50th anniversary in 2024.

Singapore Cable Car Unveils

In 1998, SCC pioneered sky dining in cable cars, followed by the introduction of the world’s first glass-bottomed cable car cabins in 1999, offering unobstructed views of Singapore’s southern harbor and seascape.

Joining the existing fleet of 67 cabins on the Mount Faber Line, the seven new SkyOrb cabins will illuminate the night sky with color-changing lights around the cabin windows for different occasions.

Enhanced air ventilation is ensured by double window louvres at the front and triple window louvres at the rear of the SkyOrb cabins. Each cabin, measuring 2.5m tall and 2.3m wide, accommodates up to six guests.

Highlights of the Skyorb cable cars

• World’s first spherical shape with sleek chrome finish: The spherical design of the SkyOrb Cabins breaks the boundaries of traditional cable car aesthetics, offering a futuristic and captivating look
• See-through glass floors: Gaze down at stunning landscapes beneath your feet. See Mount Faber Peak, Harbourfront, and Sentosa from a whole new perspective.
• Lighted Ring: Be mesmerised by the illuminating glow cast by the lighted rings around the cabin windows.
• Enhanced ventilation: Get a more comfortable, breezy journey with an improved design of the window louvres.

How much is Singapore SkyOrb spherical cable car tickets?

The SkyOrb represents SCC’s fifth generation of cable cars since its inception in 1974. Riding one way in the SkyOrb costs an additional $15 per person on weekdays and $20 per person on weekends and public holidays, in addition to the regular Cable Car Sky Pass prices of $35 for adults and $25 for children for a round trip on both the Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line.

Where to purchase SkyOrb cable car tickets?
The SkyOrb Cabin experience can only be purchased at Mount Faber and Sentosa Cable Car Station ticketing counters.

The SkyOrb cabins will exclusively operate on the Mount Faber Line, which connects Mount Faber and Sentosa Island, excluding the Sentosa Line, which shuttles passengers within the island from Imbiah Lookout station to Siloso Point station.

Ms. Grace Fu, Minister-in-charge of Trade Relations, officially inaugurated the SkyOrb cabins on the Mount Faber Line on March 15.

Ms. Fu highlighted the anticipated recovery of tourism to pre-Covid levels by 2024, with an expected influx of up to 16 million visitors to Singapore’s shores. She cited the rebound in international visitor arrivals in 2023 to 13.6 million, supported by major events like the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix and LIV Golf tournament, as well as the opening of new hotels and attractions.

The tourism sector, contributing 4% to Singapore’s GDP and employing approximately 72,000 people, remains vital, according to Ms. Fu, who also serves as Minister for Sustainability and the Environment.

Despite challenges such as economic uncertainty and regional competition, Ms. Fu emphasized the importance of continually enhancing and developing world-class tourism products to maintain Singapore’s competitiveness.

Tickets for the SkyOrb cabins are available for purchase at SCC Mount Faber and Sentosa Station ticketing counters, with cable cars operating daily from 8:45 am to 10 pm.

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