Calling all movie and TV buffs in Singapore! Are you looking for an experience beyond good food and coffee?

Look no further. This is a guide to some unique cafes/restaurants in Singapore that transport you straight into your favourite movies and TV shows!

  1. HK Star Cafe

Step back in time and experience the vibrant world of Hong Kong cinema at HK Star Cafe, Singapore’s first cafe dedicated to this iconic film industry. Vibrant neon lights signs reminiscent of Hong Kong beckon you inside, and photos of Hong Kong celebrities adorn the walls as you walk in.

Even the dining area gives off old-school vibes with the red cushioned seats with gold trimmings against turquoise walls.

The menu perfectly complements the theme. Here, you can indulge in a delicious selection of Cantonese cuisine, the heart and soul of Hong Kong food. Start your meal with signature siew mai or steamed honey pork buns from the Handmade Dimsum section. Then, continue your meal with delectable BBQ dishes and soups, and top it off with a sweet dessert!

2. Dal.komm Coffee Singapore

Calling all K-drama addicts! Dal.komm Coffee is the perfect destination for you. This popular cafe chain, with four outlets conveniently located across Singapore, offers a delightful experience that combines K-drama fame, high-quality coffee, and delicious Korean fare.

The name might also be recognisable because Dal.komm Coffee gained popularity through shows like Hi Bye Mama, Goblin, and Descendants of the Sun.

However, it’s isn’t all just about the K-drama connection. Dal.komm Coffee takes pride in their coffee, specialising in high-quality Arabica bean brews! Whether you’re a fan of classic lattes and cappuccinos or prefer something more adventurous like a Korean-style’ Yuan Yang’ with Earl Grey tea-infused Caffe Latte, their extensive menu offers a variety of choices to satisfy any coffee craving.

Indulge in a selection of delicious Korean favourites – Hotteok, Buldak Fried Chicken, Ssamjang Chicken Shin Ramyun, and Kimchi Cheese Pizza. If you’re up for something more innovative, try their signature Buldak Crab Pasta, which combines spicy gochujang sauce with fresh crab meat.

3. Platform 1094 Cafe

Calling all witches, wizards, and muggles alike! Platform 1094 Cafe in Singapore is your gateway to a truly spellbinding experience. Forget the Ministry of Magic’s attempts to keep the wizarding world hidden. Platform 1094 Cafe embraces the magic with an atmosphere suitable for all ages.

From the unassuming exterior, you’ll walk into a magical place filled with bubbling potion cauldrons, floating candles, large bookshelves, and plenty of photo opportunities.

Indulge in witchy main meals like Flying Charm (cold angel hair pasta with masago caviar tossed in truffle oil and sesame dressing), House-Elves Special Pork Ribs, and Fireball Whiskey Half-Chicken. Add some coffee, artisan teas, or sodas to your meal. If you want a date idea, try their Enchanted Afternoon Tea Set!

Or, you could bring out your inner witch or wizard with their selection of potion or poison (alcoholic) themed drinks! Sip on Mrs Lich’s Butterscoth Brew, a drink that will ignite sparks. Grab a healing potion, like The Sorceror’s Blood (a combination of juices), which is also suitable for young kids.

4. Witches Brew

Step into Wizard’s Brew, Singapore’s first-ever dessert and bar themed entirely around the magical world. Is this The Three Broomsticks, but in the muggle world?

Phoenix Fire – Witches Brew

This hidden gem tucked away in Chinatown will transport you to a place where expert wizards have mastered the art of mixology.

Make sure you try some of their popular concoctions, including Phoenix Fire, a drink that bursts into flames like a phoenix resurrecting. Wizard’s Brew also boasts a dazzling array of “witchy” desserts that are as delicious as they are visually stunning. Are you ready to taste the Reaper’s Gold or Baby’s Root? These sweet treats await you.

Before you leave, snap some pictures, as every corner offers an opportunity to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy moment. Think floating candles illuminating the space, ornately carved furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in a potions classroom, wanted posters plastered on the walls and shelves overflowing with mysterious-looking ingredients.

5. Bonus: Absurdities

While Absurdities might not exactly fall into a specific movie/TV show category, it will take your tastebuds on a multiverse adventure. Who knows which universe you might visit?

This is Singapore’s most unique and daring culinary adventure. You won’t just be treated to a meal; you’ll embark on a whimsical tour of the multiverse through a mind-bending 6-course Omakase experience.

Unlike traditional restaurants with set menus, you are entrusting the chefs to curate a surprise tasting menu based on seasonal ingredients and their wildest culinary imaginations. This means every visit to Absurdities is a unique adventure, where you quite literally don’t know what to expect with each course.

Be prepared and wear comfy clothes as you might be climbing and crawling in this 2-hour long experience. Adding to the intrigue, the location of Absurdities remains a secret until 24 hours before your reservation. This element of surprise adds to the excitement and ensures that your adventure begins even before you step through the door.

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