The Long and Oblique View in Singapore

The Long and Oblique View comprises a series of wall-oriented objects crafted from various materials, such as acrylic, foam, paper pulp, 3D printing, ceramic, electrical trunking and text-based works. Unfolding across the Esplanade Tunnel, the works are interwoven to construct a visual narrative, drawing from two consistent themes in Chang’s work: the faculty of sight and the formation of space.

In conceptualising these works, Chang responds to the linear and elongated characteristic of the space by experimenting with ideas of stretching and its potential to create effects of distortion, interference and obstruction. These artistic explorations are inspired by the artist’s everyday experiences and manifest in various ways. Some works evoke physical obstructions and representations of getting caught or trapped. Others delve into aspects of seeing and perception by playing with natural phenomena like condensation and evaporation, the connections between visibility and light, as well as employing devices associated with vision. This interplay of expanding motifs and contrasting forms is brought together through Chang’s enduring sense of humour, a consistent thread undergirding his practice.

Date: 18 Jan – 12 May 2024

Venue: Esplanade Tunnel

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