Pulau Ubin, A Rustic Escape in Singapore

Only 15 minutes from Singapore, Pulau Ubin is one of the country’s last authentic kampungs (villages)! This rustic island getaway offers a glimpse into Singapore’s rich history and plenty of nature escapades. Visitors can explore the island’s lush forests, tranquil beaches, and diverse wildlife, making it a perfect retreat for nature enthusiasts and history buffs. […]

Top Places to Visit in the Northeast of Singapore

Sengkang Floating Wetland in Singapore

The northeastern region of Singapore is filled with a variety of attractions, ranging from natural parks to cultural sites. Here are some places to visit in the northeast of Singapore: Punggol Waterway Park: Enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the scenic Punggol Waterway. The park is known for its picturesque bridges, lush greenery, […]