If you find yourself on the east coast of Singapore, or are simply hunting down an area that offers a plethora (and variety) of different types of food, you’ll want to head to the Changi Village area. Not only is the super popular Changi Village Hawker Centre here where you’ll find an array of cuisines for super affordable prices, but there are many other eateries and cafes that are in close proximity, making things super convenient for an expedition of eating! 

From seafood to local favourites, foods from around the world and more!

1. In the mood for seafood?: Tekong Seafood Restaurant

Why is it whenever one is near the ocean, the idea of feasting on seafood sounds so appealing?! This is one of our personal favourites to visit around Changi for whenever our craving hits! Plus, all of their produce is caught fresh, on the daily, by local fisherman.

We recommend their Chili Crab (chef’s kiss), or we’ll usually order the Bamboo Clams in Vermicelli too. 


Stall number:  #01-03 

2. Favourites and the classics from around the world: Jacob’s Cafe 

This is one of those dining spots that simply can’t be missed when visiting the centre, especially if you’re feeling a wonderful, homely cooked meal, you know, comfort food! 

Their menu, in general, is really extensive, serving breakfast to dinner. There are western favourites, german classics, stews and curries, english-style pies, desserts and even a kids menu. Some of their signatures to try? You can’t go wrong with Oxtail Stew or try their Hainanese Braised Pork Knuckles


Stall number: #01-2049

3. Craving Malaysian food? (Open till 12am on weekends): Wing Kee Original Taste Ipoh Hor Fun

With borders still closed, if you’re used to frequently hopping over to Johor for your fix of Malaysian cuisine you’ll be happy to know there’s a local Malaysian stall inside and they serve up truly authentic dishes.  

They’re known for their Ho/Hor Fun (a homely meal made with meat (usually beef or chicken), veggies and chewy flat noodles, but their protein of choice is a delicious, deep-fried crispy and juicy chicken cutlet! 


Stall number: #01-19

4. Heading to a completely different side of the world: The French Stall 

When you think about french cuisine, two of the most popular thoughts are ‘fine-dining’ and ‘fancy’, am I right? 

Getting rid of stereotypes, enjoy bistro-style French classics from scallops to onion soup. We recommend checking out their Special 3-Course Sets, including duck and seafood options, which are really affordable and start at $43. 

P.s. They’re closed on Mondays. 


Stall number: #01-2051

5. There’s always a long waiting-line here for a reason…:  International Nasi Lemak

There’s something so more-ish about a good, fragrant coconut rice, and when it comes with a side of crispy fried chicken, it’s a pretty genius combination in my humble opinion. 

Nasi Lemak is another dish synonymous with Malaysia, and although you won’t get yours served on a pandan leaf here, it’s still a great pick to get your fix. Theirs is served with a fried egg, sambal and perfectly crisp ikan bilis (white anchovy).  


Stall number: #01-03 

6. The old name for Bangkok city: Pranakorn

Thai food has become one of the most well-known cuisines around the world, especially when it comes to street-food type fare! 

Tuck into all of the popular favourites, offered in a variety of proteins from chicken to prawns, they’ve got a long list of items to choose from. From Thai curry to your favourite tom yum, papaya salad, deep fried chicken wings and much, much more!  


Stall number: #01-2086 

7. The perfect snack: Mei Xiang Goreng Pisang (美香炸香蕉)

We’ve got to admit, we never leave Changi without grabbing one, or three,  of these perfectly crisp banana fritters…what we love about them most is that they’re not over-oily either, giving them that satisfying crunch. 

This is a great snack to munch on or quick filler in between meals, especially if you’re a fan of sweet and salty snacks/treats! 


Stall number: #01-51 

8. On the hunt for a spot inside the centre with a bit more ambience?: Little Island Brewing Company

You might want to consider this option, as unlike many of the hawker-stall type setups around, there are rows of picnic tables, benches and chairs set up as part of the microbrewery. 

Yup, here you’ll find a divine selection of craft beers, as well as a menu with something for everyone, from local classics to international favourites, light bites, seafood and morning. They serve from breakfast through to dinnertime. 

FYI. It’s located right beside Tekong Seafood (see #1). 


Stall number: #01-01/02

9. You might want to consider sharing a meal here..: Woon Woon Pek Beehoon

Just wait until you see how huge their bowls of seafood are here! 

They specialise in seafood bee hoon (which refers to white vermicelli noodles), with the options of prawn, sliced fish, scallops and even crayfish bee hoon! Or you can order their Seafood Platter


Stall number: #01-52 

10. Oysters for $5!: 坤記 Kun Kee

Straight to the point, Kun Kee specialises in two signature and loved Singaporean dishes in particular; oysters and carrot cake. 

You have the option of ordering either black or white carrot cake, which arrives perfectly golden with a generous helping of carrot inside the actual cake, or try their fried oysters or specialty oyster omelettes. Their oysters are fresh, juicy and again, they add a liberal amount of oysters to their omelette. 


Stall number: #01-47 

11. A super popular street food in Singapore: Jason’s Place 

Ah, the beloved satay and at Jason’s you’ll find skewered sticks in a variety of different meats and proteins. 

Try their Pork Belly satay sticks (pork belly is ideal for grilling, when the fatty bits turn extra crispy and charred), mutton sticks, chicken breasts, satay chicken wings, and even otak-otak (a Southeast Asian fish cake made from ground up fish meat filled with spices and wrapped in banana leaf).


Stall number: #01-54

12. The Armyboys favourite: Mei Lin Yin Pin i.e. Commando Jelly

Although the english name was never officially given by the store themselves, most locals refer to this sweet dessert spot as the commando jelly stall. 

The do serve red jelly dessert but there’s a story behind it actually, and somewhat of a local secret if you may…Located near Changi Village is an army camp and from way back when till now, whenever the army recruits come to Changi for a bite to eat, they always request the red jelly dessert, hence its name! 


Stall number: #01-2054

13. Halal desserts and treats: The Finest Tea Shop

Don’t let the name fool you, although they do serve divine teas here, including chai lattes, their speciality lies in delicious sweet baked treats, from cupcakes to meringues. 

But if you aren’t in the mood for something sweet, this cafe also sells savoury bites like smoked salmon sarmies, burgers, and more! 


Stall number: #01-2060

14. There’s a variety of traditional nasi dishes to choose from here: Mizzy Corner 

Operating since 1997, you can rest assured this kitchen knows what they’re doing when it comes to creating the perfect nasi lemak or nasi goreng. 

They use ultra-fragrant Jasmine rice in all of their dishes and they even offer Nasi Lemak bento sets. And if you’ve arrived with a group of friends, or a big appetite, we recommend ordering the Nasi Ambeng Dulang, which comes with an assortment of side dishes and is ideal for sharing! 


Stall number: #01-26

15. If you’ve arrived earlier in the daytime: Chock Full Of Beans

Or are looking for a weekend breakfast spot, grab a seat at this cutesy cafe, known for its drinks made into adorable characters…even pikachu! 

Apart from the (doremon) art lattes and fun foamy friends, there’s some delicious breakfast, brunch and even lunch options. We recommend the Eggs Benedict which is always a winner, or their Seafood Cheesy Omelette with Lobster Bisque!


Stall number: #01-2090

16. YeeeeHaaaa: des By ASTONS

Best put your cowboy boots on for this one, just kidding, but you may feel transported back to the era of westerns when cowboys still ruled barren lands (this is the theme here after all).  

Unsurprisingly they have a heavy focus on meats and proteins, but their true passion lies in steak…so if you love your red meat we’d suggest going with one of their ‘Legendary Steak’ options, like wagyu! There’s also chicken and seafood on the menu too. 


Stall number: #01-2001

17. All ingredients are fresh and homemade: Makan Melaka 

Cendol is one of those desserts that can literally be spotted all over Southeast Asia, from Singapore to Brunei, Vietnam to Thailand. 

Grab a bowl of the cold dessert, best eaten chilled, with typical green spaghetti jelly rands (made from rice flour) and here its topped with red beans, corn and pieces of durian fruit. Each ingredient is made by hand by the owner, even the palm sugar! 

FYI. It’s not as common to add coconut milk to cendol in Singapore and this spot is no different, so be surprised when you see it missing, it’s intentional! 


Stall number: #01-2046

18. Their hor fun is made with bitter gourd: Wong Hing Kitchenette

Surprisingly this is one of the only Chinese restaurants you’ll find inside the centre, and here they focus on Cantonese-style zi char. 

Although their menu isn’t extensive, they bring all the homey classics including hor fun (with sliced beef or fish) and other favourites such as Fried Black Pepper rice with salmon and Hong Kong style fried noodles. 


Stall number: #01-43

19. Lively and vibey: Hanamco

Not a hawker stall, this is actually a cocktail bar – although they do serve western and fusion-style food on their menu. 

Dubbing themselves as a ‘gastrobar’, they’re a popular spot for tourists and locals to grab a seat and watch the latest live sport matches happening globally, so if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, we suggest trying elsewhere. 


Stall number: #01-2045 

As you can see there’s plenty of options to feast on, and something to suit all cravings. Do arrive with an empty stomach, trust us, you’ll regret it later if not!

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