Naruto: The Gallery, an exhibit celebrating the renowned ninja anime Naruto, is set to make its international debut at Universal Studios Singapore (USS), marking its first appearance outside Japan. From March 28 to June 30, visitors can immerse themselves in the narrative and legacy of Naruto, a top-selling manga series, across six themed areas featuring storyboards, character artwork, and video displays at USS’ Soundstage 28.

Naruto Gallery. Photo credit: SL Experiences

This showcase coincides with the anime’s 20th anniversary, originating from the manga of the same name, as announced by Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).

Key attractions include retracing Naruto’s journey from his early days to his major battles, exploring Sasuke’s storyline, and revisiting pivotal moments from the Fourth Great Ninja War. Additionally, attendees can view a diorama of Naruto’s hometown, engage with emotional scenes, and experience a seven-minute 4D screening of the series’ finale. Exclusive video contributions by five Japanese animation artists and a photo booth featuring Naruto characters offer personalized souvenirs.

Diorama of Naruto’s hometown, the Hidden Leaf Village. Photo credit: SL Experiences.

4D screening of the series finale. Photo credit: SL Experiences.

Beyond the exhibit, visitors can purchase official merchandise, including a 20th-anniversary collection, and savor Naruto-themed cuisine at the Naruto: The Gallery Café at KT’s Grill.

Originally showcased at Akiba Square in Tokyo, Japan, in 2022, the Singapore debut is organized by Group IME, presented by RWS and touring partner SL Experiences.

Photo credit: SL Experiences.

Chang Chee Pey, RWS Chief Experience Officer, expressed excitement about hosting Naruto: The Gallery, while Ross Leo, co-founder of SL Experiences and Group IME, emphasized the honor of showcasing Kishimoto-san’s work spanning over two decades.

Naruto: The Gallery runs from March 28 to June 30, from 11 am to 6 pm. Access is included with regular admission to Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

Don’t miss out the Naruto Exhibition at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) if you’re a Naruto fan!

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